Difference Between Massage Therapy and Physical Therapy

March 09, 2020 2 min read

Difference Between Massage Therapy and Physical Therapy

When we talk about the massage and physical therapies, both have similar goals: to restore different body functions, release pain, and aid in healing. But there are some differences between the two. Let’s talk about one significant difference. The physiotherapy or physical therapy concentrates on different parts of the body and offers rehabilitation to increase strength for it to work adequately. On the other hand, massage therapy focuses on soft tissues and muscle of the body to relieve stress and pain.

While talking about the similarities of both therapies, both involve massage. Even though massage therapists may include different types of massage, they do not add extra medication the physical therapists use. The physical therapists usually work with various individuals who experience physical injuries such as fractures while the massage therapists’ primary goal is to make different individuals relax, lessen stress, and relieve pain by working on soft tissues and muscles.

Difference Between the Benefits of Massage and Physical Therapy

Massage Therapy

This therapy is used to treat a variety of conditions, like lessening muscle fit and soothing the firmness of muscle. Besides, this kind of treatment will regulate a pulse, support safety, increase blood dissemination, reduce the restlessness felt in pregnancy, and also support healthy execution and recoup from sessions of workout. Likewise, massage is beneficial to manage depression and nervousness.

Physical Therapy

A lot of people suffering from a sprain, fracture bones, multiple sclerosis, strokes, and arthritis, due to sports or work can go for a physical therapist. Similarly, the physical therapist creates different programs for restoring restricted development and capacity, keeping the inabilities that you may have, reducing the movements of the body, and keep any loss of mobility before it happens.

Conclusively, physical therapy, and massage therapy are related to each other – physical therapy is originated from massage therapy. There are different modalities of massage therapy that revitalize dissemination and releasing the pressure by chipping away at the whole body. In contrast, the physical therapy concentrates on treating physical inability or tormenting specific parts of the body by different physical systems, for instance, massage and practice.

What Massage and Physical Therapists Do?

What Does Massage Therapist Do?

The massage therapists work holistically, focusing on particular treatments, but concentrating on the entire body and mind. A lot of patients are moderately healthy people looking to relieve stress and improve overall wellness. Some of the therapists work to help older people and other work at spas. Also, they give several pieces of advice on ergonomics, posture, and different ways to stay fit and healthy.

What Does Physical Therapist Do?

On the other hand, physical therapy is more focused as compared to massage therapy. Usually, the patients recover from injury or accident and trying to get back to full function quickly. The physical therapists work with different individuals recovering from neck or back injuries, various neurological conditions, etc. Often, they work in hospitals and ambulatory care clinics.