The common practice is to remember that if the price seems too good to be true, the product being sold is not authentic. However, someone who sells counterfeit products often sells them for just under the normal selling price, so you assume that it is just a good deal. So price is important, even if it's not the only thing you have to think about.

Masseur Hyperblade™ Authentic :

The counterfeit devices and their packaging are very similar in appearance to the authentic Hyperblade™ Global devices, but they do not meet the high performance standards found in the authentic Hyperblade™ technology.

The only way to ensure that you are buying the authentic Hyperblade™ Technology is to purchase directly from an authorized Hyperblade™ partner or from our online store .

Be careful, most of the time, these counterfeiters ship their device by an unreliable carrier and very slow delivery times.

Protect yourself:

Our online store - (in connection with is the official website of Hyperblade™ Global and if you wish to buy now, rest assured that you will receive a genuine Hyperblade™ massage device.

For information, we have no link with the following websites:, and others.

We have received a lot of emails from dissatisfied people after placing an order on untrusted websites. Please be careful.

To find out if a reseller is authorized, contact our team Hyperblade™ Global at .

Intellectual property :

If you have any concerns or complaints about possible infringement of intellectual property rights, please send us an email to, stating the exact rights allegedly infringed and the offending product. (This email address is for intellectual property rights and legal matters only. Other requests may not be answered).