The Hyperblade’s massagers make use of NMES (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation) – something you don’t get to see on most of other massagers. This low level electrical currents stimulation is backed by science to help relieve stiffness and relax muscles. On top of that, the freedom to utilize the myofascial physiotherapy everywhere on the body makes our products stand out as most other massagers only target specific muscle groups.

We’re selling two massager – The Hyperblade Pro & the Kitlnno Massager use the NMES technology.
What suits you best depends on the features you’re after. If you want to benefit from the warm compresses, then Kitlnno is the way to go. If you find only the microvibration and NMES technology better suited for your chronic muscle pain, then go with the Hyperblade Pro.

Of course it does. You can read up the benefits a hot compression has on your various muscle groups. When combined with microvibrations, the self-recovery is fast-tracked and streamlined for immediate and lasting relief.

We are committed to providing you quality. Our Hyperblade massager are backed by science and have a full blown network of electrical systems working together to target your trigger points. All Hyperblade massagers have been introduced after several phases of development, designing and extensive testing, therefore the price tag is a bit high, however, the relief you get out of it dwarfs the price factor.

If your skin reacts to microcurrents or undergoes a flare-up upon exposure to heat, please do consult your doctor before making the purchase.

Absolutely. In this case, we will be happy to give you a return/exchange. Please refer to the “Return & Refund” section at the bottom of the page to read more.

Our myofascial massagers are completely safe and risk-free. The electrical current stimulation is low level and you cannot hurt yourself with it. Plus, the overheating protection shuts the device down in case there’s a mishap.

Atletes and gym freaks are two groups that are highly likely to use our massagers. However, the Hyperblade Massagers serve a much larger audience. People with desk jobs can benefit a lot as they are struggling with cervical pain, muscle stiffness and other complaints. Similarly, college students who are dealing with tough timetables can also calm themselves down with our products. Drivers who have to sit, with their arms stretched out on the steering for long intervals also experience positive results.

As of now we are operating online as we believe online presence serves a much larger audience than a physical retail store. However, in the future we may open up retail stores in select locations to better accommodate our customers.