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Are you tired of paying huge bills for massage therapy and asking your family members to rub your neck and shoulders, when they have more pressing matters to attend to? Pun fully intended!

We present you the solution to all your muscle fatigue, pain and soreness. ALL people have ever told you when you express your frustration with this pain is that it will get better with time.

We want you to know that time may heal all wounds, but the blade Gua Sha alleviates all muscle pain.

It has a sleek and modern design, a 1100mAH battery which lasts 7 hours and a bottle for spraying oil or water on your body before massage. What more could one possibly want?

Other than maybe an attractive masseuse!

This hyperblade massager is used as a sports rehabilitation device. When you play sports, and you're passionate about victory, you give your best which sometimes result in muscle pain due to overexertion!


Does it mean, you stop giving your best shot?

Hell, no! It just means you start using our dual functionality hyperblade massager for pain management and fight pain instead of giving in to it!


How does the myofascial massager works?

This myofascial massager works wonders. This massager leverages the ancient stroking technique owing to its smooth curves along with a combination of micro-vibration and micro-current( neuro-muscular electric stimulation) to instigate microcirculation of the soft tissue. This increased and rapid circulation prevents muscle atrophy, promotes growth of muscle fibre and reduces build-up of lactic acid in muscles.

So What are you waiting for?

Thinking about a problem and beating yourself over it is not the solution. The only natural and effective solution is this wonderful dual functionality massager device to get rid of all that muscular pain and soreness which makes you want to jump out of your own skin!