The Hyperblade massager is manufactured from the time of purchase. If the Hyperblade device fails due to defects in materials or design process within one year, our company will repair or replace parts or replace by a new Hyperblade device for free, except in the following cases:

a. Improper human use or damage to the Hyperblade massager caused by transportation.

b. Unauthorized disassembly and repair of this Hyperblade device.

c. Failure to comply with the "warranty clause" section instructions added on the user guide after receiving your Hyperblade device.

d. Products purchased from an unauthorized retailer.

e. The product is damaged due to the abnormal storage or maintenance environment of the customer.

f. If the proof of purchase date is not provided, the company will have the right to refuse the warranty.

g. Damage in excess of the product purchased cost.